I am The Seashell Seeker

I just have too many words in my mouth, in my mind
Said the Seashell Seeker.
I want somebody to listen to me but there is nobody.
There is nobody there on chalky moon cliffs
Pale, grassy crags or sloshing rocks
The foaming toothy inhales and exhales are too busy
Making their own sounds.

The Seashell Seeker was alone.
Sinking into the grey at the bottom
Salty tears reaching and joining their salt-spray cousins
And it was Sad.
It bit the Seashell Seeker on the foot,
They winced but picked it up.

The wind wheezed out at the Seashell Seeker
and all the words clattered and boiled inside

The Seashell Seeker whispered the words into
Thoughtless Seashells
Letting them silently whisk away
Through sandy twists and curls. Smooth and soft.
The Seashell Seeker shivered scared
By words that fell out ugly, stinking blood-rich and black-dribble.
They danced through the seashells into a charcoal black smoke.

Now it was beautiful.
The Seashell Seeker sighed
In sync with the sea
And it was so dark,
But at last
She was free

Paralysis, Cause: Unknown

Paralysis, Cause: Unknown.
I cloud my own mind with invisible obstacles
Haunting the world even though I’m here living
Un-inhabiting. Directionless. Blue Smog.
Shadowing, whispering, sniggering around me
I stand, a rootless breathless ghost.
Wind-withered branches blow down leaves
Dripping intermittently like Love’s last tears
I bleed, a nervous trembling ghost.

The blanket

The blanket is too hot.
But there’s no point getting out
My face is damp salty itchy
And I can feel the wet rolling off of my chin
My lips are cracked and dry but there’s no mouth-words
Instead I can feel the wails howling against my ribs
It makes my fingers shake, stomach ache
I cork them with my tongue
Push it down, gritted teeth

Hello Again Anxious Cloud

The heavy cloud thundering grey and purple
Pushing and pinching on top

Claws splitting, digging my chest

Won’t go away. Won’t go away.

The helpful voices cover their eyes
Mutter and chant desperately

See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.

But it’s burrowing in, lip-licking and sucking

I’m listening out but it won’t go in