Paralysis, Cause: Unknown

Paralysis, Cause: Unknown.
I cloud my own mind with invisible obstacles
Haunting the world even though I’m here living
Un-inhabiting. Directionless. Blue Smog.
Shadowing, whispering, sniggering around me
I stand, a rootless breathless ghost.
Wind-withered branches blow down leaves
Dripping intermittently like Love’s last tears
I bleed, a nervous trembling ghost.

The blanket

The blanket is too hot.
But there’s no point getting out
My face is damp salty itchy
And I can feel the wet rolling off of my chin
My lips are cracked and dry but there’s no mouth-words
Instead I can feel the wails howling against my ribs
It makes my fingers shake, stomach ache
I cork them with my tongue
Push it down, gritted teeth